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What Is BrainHeart Music?

For thousands of years, ancient civilisations used music to heal the mind and body believing that music had the power to harmonise a person's soul in ways that medicine could not.

In ancient Greece, Pythagoras of Samos used various intervals of harmonic ratios as a medicine for dis-eases of the body, the emotions and the Soul.

BrainHeart Music embraces this ancestral wisdom, empowering listener's self-connection, purifying the mind and thus healing the physical body.

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Kira, an 11 year old girl, was diagnosed with Aspergers aged 5. She was having difficulty unwinding and falling asleep until she listened to Brain Heart Music.

I truly believe that your music could make a huge difference to any child on the autistic spectrum, who has ADHD, dyslexia or indeed any difficulty, helping them reconnect with themselves and the people around them.

Vicki McCarthy, Kira’s mother.

More About The Music

There are a number of levels on which this music works – each one specific and unique to what the listener needs.

It has been said that BrainHeart Music Therapy works like a musical aspirin. Just in the same way that an aspirin does not know where the pain is in your body when you swallow it and then proceeds to take away the discomfort, BrainHeart Music Therapy stimulates the brain and central nervous system to release certain chemicals that enhance states of harmony, peace and well-being within the listener.

It does this without any effort on the part of the listener.

What this means is that a given piece of music created for BrainHeart Music Therapy will have different effects on different people. This is unusual and indicates something unique is happening within this music.

Who Can Benefit?

Quite simply, everyone can benefit from listening to BrainHeart Music Therapy.

From the many testimonials received we can say that the following groups of people have been specifically helped by BrainHeart Music Therapy so far:

  • Children & adults on the autistic spectrum including ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, learning difficulties and brain injuries

  • People who have difficulty unwinding and relaxing

  • People who have high stress levels, anxiety and depression

  • School children & students who need to concentrate and assimilate information

  • Pregnant women

  • Alzheimer's & dementia / care of elderly / palliative care

  • People recovering in hospital and people recovering from illness

Success Stories

BrainHeart Music integrates brain and heart function, increasing empathy, rapport and self-love. This music is truly transcendent in nature.

Dr David Mason Brown, a retired medical GP. As Director of Equilibrium Associates Ltd he gave workshops throughout the UK on Stress, Well-Being, Quality of Life.

I think BrainHeart Music may actually "bottle" the brain activity involved in two essential ingredients of a healthy childhood: 'ATTACHMENT' (that sense of security a child feels when he knows he's loved) and 'PLAY' (meaning the 'real play' - not sedentary, screen-based entertainment)

Sue Palmer, writer, presenter & one of the UK's most well-established authorities on the teaching of literacy.

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To support the work of BrainHeart Music please donate here:

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